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Why become a member?

Like most synagogues, we are a member-run organization.  Financial contributions to the synagogue by our members ensure access to our clergy and community support services, participation in events, and a voice in shaping the future of our congregation. Everyone comes to Ohav from a different place, but we take advantage of sacred time and texts to help us grow together. We are dedicated to being a close-knit congregation where you can be part of a community that serves as an extended family. “We pray together and we play together.“

What are the benefits of membership?

  • High holiday seating, Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
  • Free Hebrew school tuition for kindergarten & first grades
  • Exclusive Chaverim events & other events throughout the year


2023 - 2024 ANNUAL Membership Dues:

(Member year July 1 st thru June 30th)


Member Type*: Dues Security fees
Regular $2,535 $226
Young Married $1,865 $226
Senior Citizen $1,580 $113
Single $1,295 $56
Single Senior $905 $56
Young Single $670 $41
Sustaining $520 $-0-


How Do I Join?

Prospective members are invited to either submit a membership application online, or download a membership application and submit it to the office by email at or in person at the Ohav Sholom office.


Ohav's Hebrew School
Kosher in Merrick 
Community Mikvah
Ohav Events & Happenings


*Family Membership: Unmarried children until their 21st birthday is included in the Family Membership.
Young Married Membership: Married couple, of which both are under 35 years of age.
Senior Citizen Membership: For congregants age 72 and over. For couples at least one spouse must be 72 or over
Single Senior Citizen Membership: For congregants age 72 and over.
Young Single: Unmarried member under age of 30 years of age.
Single Membership: Unmarried member under the age of 72 years of age.
Sustaining Membership: Congregants who are members of another synagogue but would like to participate in
our synagogue services and activities. [**Financial Incentives do not apply]

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