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Merrick's Kosher Food & Delivery Options

Local Stores & Supermarkets:

Bagel Boss 2101 Merrick Rd 
Since 1989, Bagel Boss of Merrick has been Long Island's premier source for quality kosher catering, gourmet sandwiches and salads, and of course the freshest bagels and baked-goods around. Featuring a full chopped salad bar, panini station, specialty salads, gourmet wraps, a hand-sliced smoked fish selection & hot foods, as well as a full self-service coffee bar.  And breads, muffins, croissants, homemade cookies, rugalach, challahs, babkas, "occasion cakes" and of course bagels which are all baked fresh every day.  Under the Rabbinical Supervision of Rabbi Asher Schechter.


Trader Joe's 1714 Merrick Rd 
Trader Joe's has a large variety of kosher foods. They stock all varieties of fresh meat products as well as a range of Empire chicken products. There is also a fantastic selection of kosher dry goods. A list of kosher products can be found here
*Please note that while Trader Joe's lists hundreds of kosher symbols on their website, not all are fully accepted. Please speak to Rabbi Ebbin if you have any questions about a specific item.


Stop & Shop 2160 South Merrick Mall
Stop & Shop features a kosher refrigerated section with a selection of kosher cheese and packaged delicatessen, smoked salmon, prepared kosher foods including soups, side dishes and knishes. They carry Zuckerbaker’s cakes and Challahs as well as Zomick’s Challahs.


BJ's 100 Mill Rd, Freeport 
BJs has a kosher section and also many baked goods under the Chof K. All at the reduced BJs prices with an annual membership. 


SoBol Merrick 2058 Merrick Road, Merrick
A cafe that specializes in acai bowls, green bowls, fruit smoothies & beyond, under the Kosher Certification of Rabbi Asher Schechter, (the same Kosher Certification as Bagel Boss).  Most of the products are PARVE, however, a few of the products are DAIRY and NON-CHOLOV-YISROEL.  A sign disclosing the DAIRY items will be available.


Tavlin 2828 Merrick Rd, Bellmore 
Tavlin is a Middle-Eastern grocery store, known for its wide range of Israeli products, fruit, nuts and other gourmet & specialist packaged foods. Custom made gift baskets and a wide range of seasonal products such as fresh Zuckerbaker’s doughnut for Chanukkah and packaged Schicks baked goods for Pesach. *Tavlin's take away section is not under any kosher supervision, please be aware that we can only speak to the packaged foods with hechshers* 


More stores (just a short drive away):

Zuckerbakers 1163 Old Country Rd, Plainview
Zuckerbakers is a small family owned and operated bakery a short drive from Merrick, in Plainview.  ZuckerBakers is a full-service Kosher Pareve bakery. Their products are peanut free, lactose free, dairy free, tree nut free and everything is baked in-house from the finest ingredients.  All of their products are under the strict kosher supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens and the Udvari Rav in Williamsburg.


Shoprite (Plainview, Country Pointe & Uniondale)
Shoprite has a wide variety of kosher products. The Country Pointe location, about a
25~ minute drive from Merrick features a kosher experience of KOF-K supervised butcher and take-away prepared foods. There is only a pick-up option but no delivery at this time.


I and D Glatt 327 Hempstead Avenue, West Hempstead
A wide selection of packaged and take away foods as well as a full butcher, under the supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush. Order online or stop in store, it's only a ~15 minute drive from Merrick! 


Riesterer’s Bakery 282 Hempstead Avenue, West Hempstead
Riesterer's has been a family-owned bakery in West Hempstead for over 90 years. With a wide array for dairy and parve cakes, cookies as well as custom orders for all your party needs. Note, they are not pas yisrael or cholov yisrael; supervised under 
Vaad Harabonim of Queens.

Sauly's Pizza 336 Hempstead Ave, West Hempstead
Kosher pizza only 15 minutes away in West Hempstead! Delivery is available with a minimum order fee, please speak with the restaurant directly about delivery. Under the supervision of Vaad Harabonim of Queens. 


Wing Wan Chinese & Japanese Restaurant 248 Hempstead Ave, West Hempstead
Wing Wan offers authentic Chinese & Japanese kosher food with daily lunch specials, poke bowls, sushi, classic Chinese dishes and catering options. Under the supervision of Vaad Harabonim of Queens. 


Door-to-door deliveries:


Seasons of Lawrence – Tuesday delivery
Season's Kosher supermarket in Lawrence delivers door to door in our area on Tuesdays. All orders must be in by Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. There is a $15 delivery charge & a minimum order of $150. See to place an order. 


KosherKart – delivers Tuesdays & Fridays
Online only ordering for all types of kosher products, including meats, cheese, fish, fruits and vegetables. Free delivery with a $50 minimum purchase. See to place an order.



Carving Block Meats- Wednesday delivery
Full-service butcher. Menu on Instagram and Facebook. All Day Delivery to 5Towns & Far Rock, Daily to Brooklyn & Weekly Tri-State. Call text or email orders: 347-538-5996 /


Middle Neck Glatt- daily deliveries, $100 minimum no delivery fee
Butcher with prepared take-out meals & catering from Great Neck, see menu for all options. Supervised under Vaad Harabonim of Queens. Orders over $100 are free delivery.  See to place an order via phone 516-504-MEAT(6328) or email



My Kosher Fish- Daily delivery, $100 minimum + $5 delivery fee
A wide selection of kosher fish, including fresh, frozen and sushi-grade. Fish can be requested whole or filleted by order. They also have a selection of pre-made, smoked and breaded options. Each product will state its certification, most items are listed as CRC Kosher Supervision. 


Restaurant Delivery:

Chop Chop Glatt Kosher Chinese- Chinese & Asian Fusion, see site for door to door delivery dates 
Glatt kosher Asian fusion & sushi menu under strict supervision of the Vaad of Riverdale. Follow Matthew Chan on Facebook for Merrick delivery dates. Catering available. Free delivery (door to door drop off). Text 646-599-4796 to order & check out their menu.

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